To fix a Windows laptop

I have a decent 22 month old Windows gaming laptop. It has been useless since last summer when a driver update caused the nVidia GTX 680m to give an Error 43. Only solution... Old drivers. So I moved to the PS4 and all was fine. 

Last night I finally decided to attack it. Reinstall did nothing. I did find some reference to Hyper-V breaking it, but no dice.

Eventually I found one reference to UEFI breaking it, and a recommendation to get a new video BIOS. Sadly the tiny mob who made my laptop are gone, so I had to find the BIOS modding community. I then put a more up to date stock BIOS in, then a modded one, then a modded up to date video BIOS.

Now my new drivers work. But my sound has disappeared! One reinstall later and the sound works, the video works, and if I play my cards right all the updates Microsoft is pushing may even install for me!

Still, it's easy to see why the Glorious PC Master race spend so much time talking online about how great their rigs are, they're doing it from their phones while they fix the broken machines... again.