Scenes we'd better see in the Warcraft film

  1. Someone veering away from a major battle shouting "Ooh, a herb! Be right back!" 
  2. Someone standing outside in Stormwind yelling "Want boost in Stocks, paying 150 gold!" 
  3. Number 1, but for Ore. 
  4. After a huge battle with a pack of molten lava powered hell-hounds "Loot the dogs" 
  5. An extended scene of one person using a special knife to skin the lava powered puppies.
  6. An extended montage where one of our heroes trains critters they find in the woods to battle other critters, and somehow become much more powerful themselves from doing it for a week or two. 
  7. Someone complaining about a member of the central cast's item level. 
  8. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. 
  9. Someone almost missing a climactic battle and being summoned by Warlock. 
  10. That Warlock farming soul shards for 2 hours.