On Colonoscopies

So. My dad died of cancer. Bowel cancer. He was 64 at the time, and the tumour appeared fairly suddenly. I was having some symptoms that were a little worrying and my GP sent me to see a gastroenterologist, and he suggested a colonoscopy.

I, it needs to be explained, do not like needles. Putting them into others no problem, but putting them into me. No thanks. Terrifies me. Always has. So I googled and found some stories about people who did it without sedation. My mother mentioned that my father did one without sedation and thought it was ok. 

So I asked, and my gastroenterologist agreed to do me without sedation.  It was an odd feeling, and not one which I would describe as pleasant, but certainly I have had much less pleasant experiences. I could feel the camera moving around inside, especially going across my transverse colon. The gas inflating my bowel felt odd, and when the camera turned corners it felt like someone pulling inward on my belly button, dragging it down towards my back. So uncomfortable and odd, but not particularly painful.

So, colonoscopy without sedation, fine. And I was all clear - which was good news too.

What was a lot less fun was the Moviprep bowel clearing stuff. It tastes vile even chilled. And drinking 1.5 litres at a time of refrigerated liquid made me quite shivery. The super clear out was not very pleasant. Still had to be done, and I'm glad I did it.