By Special Request - On Dieting

So, on January 25th 2011 I weighted 19 stone 11.6lb, by November 30th 2012 I was 11 stone 3lb. Today I am 13 stone 3.7lb, but back on the way down from 13 stone 11.6lb. None of this I could achieve without the incredible support of my long-suffering wife, whose dietary intake has been impacted just as much as mine.

I've been asked on Twitter for some rules that helped me lose weight in the hopes it would help some other folks, so here's what I tend to eat. So here goes.

For breakfast I tend to have about 30g of Honey Cheerios or Curiously Cinnamon, or about 20g and 10g of All Bran. I have about 70-80ml of semi-skimmed milk with them. Recently I've added 250ml of semi-skimmed milk in a Nespresso latte to that. 

For lunch it's a tortilla wrap with some very low fat mayonnaise (like 3g) and some hamhock or slices of ham. I used to have Hula Hoops or Quavers with them, but have swapped that for the coffee at breakfast. I drink a Diet Coke at lunchtime.

For dinner it depends on what we have in and how much I've eaten during the day. We tend to have baked potatoes with low fat Flora, sliced ham and a little salt. Alternatively we have roast chicken breast, 200g of mashed potato and some Yorkshire puddings. Or we sometimes have mince and 200g of mashed potatoes. Our most recent addition is braising steak and mash. We used to do sausages, but they ended up as a little too calorific for me in the end.

For "big" dinners we have lean roast beef, mash and Yorkshire puddings. 

If I'm out I tend to eat: 

American food: Fillet steak and mash or fries

Chinese food: Chicken chow mein

Pizza: Mostly vegetables with ham or chicken

Coffee shop: Skinny latte and a wrap of some sort

Chip shop: Cod and chips or a chicken kebab - with chips if I have not had much else, in a pitta if I have been eating a lot

McDonalds: Quarter pounder with cheese and if possible onion rings (their lowest calorie side)

Burger King: Angus burger and large fries (their fries are lower calorie)

KFC: A twister of some sort and popcorn chicken (better than fries beeline it or not)

Cinema: Popcorn, sweet is bizarrely better than salt

In terms of dessert if there's pavlova or meringue then that's what you go for. 

If I want junk foot breakfast the sausage and egg wrap at McDonalds is a nice balance of calories and taste. Better than the breakfast wrap but almost as nice. 

As for exercise, I walk when I can so walk round work and tend to walk at lunch time. I have a bike and cycle round the site in work. But other than that I'm fairly sedentary. But when I stall on weight loss a little cycle or walk kickstarts it again. 

Oh, and where possible I don't snack or eat after about 7pm. Sometimes dinner is after that. But I don't take snacks to bed any more. 

For snacks I tend to have Quavers or Hula Hoops. For chocolate it's kids sized Dairy Milks, Fudges or Fun size Twirls. I love Creme Eggs, but have to account for them. 

That's pretty much how I do it. My diet is fairly restricted, but I've found things I like and that I can eat and lose weight. I'm just lucky I am married to someone who can tolerate my narrow range!

Hope that helps!

 Updated 16:40 - more dinner meals added.